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Washing machine troubleshooting

Washing machine no water what is the reason?
If you of washing machine not water please detection whether exists following situation: 1, and into pipes whether leaking; 2, and door whether shut good; 3, and whether water, hydraulic whether had small; 4, and whether by started key, if child lock, machine cannot normal work, first solutions lock; 5, and water valve filter network whether was blocking, above any a phenomenon are will caused washing machine not water.
II, washing machine water small (slow) the reason, what to do?
pressure voltage small through solenoid water inlet valve water inlet is the need for a certain pressure, if the faucet is not fully open or leaking pipes will cause enough pressure. Water pressure voltage is very small.
fill valve strainer plug: after a period of use, fill valve strainer may be clogged with scale so that water does not clear, need to be cleaned.
cleaning inlet valve filter methods: Plug and unplug the power supply before cleaning filter, by hand or with pliers to fill valve strainer to pull out, stain removal of filter with a toothbrush, and then plug it back into the water valve. In order to better protect the inlet valve, advise the user to 3-4 months cleaning inlet valve filter screen.
c, washing machine does not drain or drainage is not smooth what?
1, drain the drop height of more than 100cm will result in the machine in water or undrained 2, check that the drain pipe is bent; 3, drain pump filter is clogged drain aperture is too small, which will cause the drainage is not smooth, influence of dewatering effect.
drum washing machine is draining: drain there will always be a small amount of water, in order to ensure smooth drainage, drainage pumps filter should be frequently cleaned also.
four washer noise for some reason?
installation problems: first to confirm that the machine behind the bolt is removed, users installed, machine bolts must be pulled down when dehydrated, shrill howling with the machine, the motor at high speeds, in order to protect Motors extend motor life, with motor running, it emits a high-pitched squealing noises, which is normal and unavoidable.
works: dehydration is the motor rotating at high speed, by belt and pulley drive barrels within fast-moving a machine process, there will be a certain amount of motor and drum rotates with the noise of air friction. While dewatering is in, motor from rest to change the State for high speed operation, during which operation system has not entered a steady state, the noise will be slightly larger.
v, drum washing machine leaking bottom do?
first check whether the drain is leaking: If leak, reinstall, and check that the drain pump filter is tightened. Inspection method: open the washing machine front right corner of the plastic cover, check that the knob is loose; 2 washing powder boxes and door leakage: if leakage, is caused by too much detergent, users are advised to use low foam or a small amount of detergent. BACK

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