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Washer will drain but not dehydrated do

Washing machine drain rather than dehydration do? Repairing method is as follows:
1, first of all check the safety switch, washing machine power gain to the dehydrated State, by hand or with tools brake arm safety switch according to the minimum, if your computer and digital display alarm "E1", the safety switch should be replaced at this time, or your computer.
2, if by hand or tool brake arm press the safety switch can be normal after dehydration, safety switch has low power distance, safety switch should be replaced at this time.
3, if the dehydrated State, only Rotary and drum does not rotate at this point should check whether the towing 3 clutch pawl and ratchet apart, if it is not possible to flush valve adjusting screw nut loose and wear on, leading to open enough, should adjust the distance adjustment lever at this time, enabling it to separation of a pawl and ratchet clutch. BACK

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