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Ignition coil ignition of the television solutions

Rainy season TV high voltage arcing fault has entered a peak period, based on my years of experience in appliance repair to summarize below high-voltage arcing causes and treatment methods.
voltage ignition of the TV is mainly caused by three reasons:
1 air humidity, high pressure cap seal is not strict, TV repair high pressure inside the CAP in the humid air;
2 more dust in the air. TV work process, generated by high-voltage electrostatic induction and talking about dust adsorption pressure around the CAP, so the insulation performance;
3 HV circlip and the high-tension line connect the solder a Burr, Burr will have a phenomenon of point discharge, high pressure Cap rubber-burning ageing. So the TV high pressure fire was mainly caused by the wet weather.
as TV high pressure nozzle and tube shell ground proximity between the graphite layers, there are more than 20,000-volt high voltage. TV after a period of time, dust, excessive humidity and high pressure discharge voltage ignition is formed by dust. Arcing
1, fire can generally in the high pressure Cap.
2, and arcing power lines
3, Flyback transformer arcing
4, highly focused fire (arcing or socket)
voltage ignition approach: first, we must distinguish between what is caused by voltage ignition to tackle. High pressure Cap sparking processing approach: in to Xia high pressure Cap zhiqian must to on picture tube high pressure mouth for discharge processing, discharge Shi first prepared a article skin insulation wire, two to has metal head, a take in TV of ground Shang another a to into high pressure CAP in, will heard PA of a sound, high pressure on was put off has, should repeatedly discharge 3 times above guarantee high pressure was completely put clean.
took the pressure Cap off after discharge is complete, then anhydrous alcohol clean the high pressure inside the CAP, and part around the tube anode must be scrubbed to ensure there are no dust several times with alcohol. Especially when discharge serious picture tube out of the Groove, these parts after cleaning with a blow dry must be blown dry. And then in the high voltage anode coated with high pressure grease, installation of high-voltage internal air cap must be put out as much as possible. This prevents arcing high pressure cap of the TV.
high pressure Cap Assembly and disassembly method: high voltage CAP, not Qi Gen cut but cut high voltage Cap with a blade tail pipe. To avoid power lines more-for-less. Install high voltage CAP, high voltage line with alcohol swab (8-10 cm) head apply silicone grease and insert the pressure Cap. This will avoid leakage from the tail pipe. High pressure around the mouth with fine sandpaper (No. 320 or more) polished clean, to fire caused by injuries to key grinding. Cleaning with alcohol to dry. Apply silicone grease around the high pressure nozzle, is subject to slightly smaller than the diameter of the pressure Cap. Install high pressure CAP and compaction. BACK

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