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Solar water heaters "short-lived" big revelation

Solar water heaters due to many advantages such as energy security, a lot of the concerns of consumers, but solar water heaters was not very popular, consumers are also worried about the durability of solar water heaters, and news about solar water heater damage is endless, then solar water heaters was so "weak"? Manufacturers said solar water heater service life of up to 15 years, to this, consumers should have a clear understanding. Solar water heater caused "short-lived" reasons.
a, vacuum tubes. The core components of vacuum tube solar water heater, solar water heaters, "heart." It directly determines the quality of the entire water heater performance. Using properties of the coating technology of vacuum tubes and cleaning, coating, vacuum and sealing process and so on.
but, some super low price solar water heater used of vacuum tube has following defects: vacuum degrees low, only products of 1/100; tube residues large impurities and vapor, a encountered high temperature on into gas, vacuum degrees reduced; low vacuum State Xia film layer stability can poor, two or three years within film layer on Aging, and off, led to set hot performance sharply attenuation, cannot absorption enough of heat.
II, insulating layer. Solar water heaters produce hot water stored in a water tank during the day, if the insulating layer of thermal insulation performance is bad, rainy overnight and cannot be used, or not useful. Creates the solar water heater insulation performance is the main reason lies in the water heater insulation, insulation layer determines the hot water temperature and the amount of hot water.
good heat insulation using imported raw materials, such as polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistant; thermal insulation process using automatic constant pressure ration bubble and high temperature curing, high thermal insulation properties and is stable. And some of the material high thermal conductivity for poor, foam is not uniform, night temperatures dropped more than 10 degrees, experiencing rainy days there's no hot water. There's Black Enterprise, in order to reduce costs, even using polystyrene, thermal insulation effect of plummeting a few months later, after a two-year basic insulation.

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