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Dalian sunshine appliance repair center is a professional appliance repair, air conditioner electrical and mechanical maintenance and product service company, has more than 10 years maintenance experience, focus on air conditioning, central air conditioning, mechanical and electrical motors, refrigeration equipment, plasma TV, LCD TV, water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances repair. Companies with superb technical services in Dalian of the town. Dalian Czech fast appliances maintenance, and Dalian appliances maintenance, and Dalian electrical maintenance, and Dalian appliances door maintenance, and Dalian appliances maintenance phone, and Dalian air conditioning maintenance, and Dalian TV maintenance, and Dalian washing machine maintenance, and Dalian refrigerator maintenance, and Dalian air conditioning moved machine, and Dalian water heater maintenance, and Dalian gas maintenance, and Dalian fume machine maintenance has various brand electrical of professional maintenance, and installation, and management experience of maintenance team, to refrigeration equipment and electromechanical motor for led; household appliances maintenance for based ; To quality services for the idea of home appliances air conditioner electrical and mechanical maintenance service company.
manufacturer contract maintenance brand of midea, gree, chigo, Sanyo, royalstar, Hisense, kelon, rongsheng, little Swan, Hua ling, Mei ling, xinfei, Vantage, cherry, AO Smith, rate, Van Hoa, Haier, Panasonic "committed professional, honest service" which is the purpose of the company. Dalian area is a large service center set up earlier, has a professional air conditioning air conditioner, electrical motors, appliances maintenance team, all maintenance staff is professionally trained to provide customers with a more effective service.

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